Charles Cole III

Charles Cole III

Strap in and get ready for a non-stop tour of Charles Cole III's life and life's work.

Charles focuses on the advancement of all youth of color, but, more specifically black males. This passion comes from his own experiences growing up without proper support. His life's goal is to better the communities he grew up in through his work. He has has served as a social worker, a Director for Teach for America, the Vice Chair of the California Young Democrats, Black Caucus and at the Director level with various youth-focused non-profits. Charles is a national speaker, a writer and can be found in Oakland and around the country working with youth on how to equip themselves appropriately to lay the ground work for a bright future. Charles is currently an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at GO Public Schools focusing on building student navigation skills and voice in education.

Show Notes

2:25 Charles talks about how his double-digit elementary school moves was a blessing

6:00 The personal importance of Oakland, Kentucky and Chicago

9:20 Meet Mr. Brown, one of the most influential people in Charles’ life

11:50 Reflections on being a student during Oakland’s last major teacher’s strike while a student at Westlake Middle School

14:00 Overview of Charles’ current work as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at GO Public Schools

16:00 Charles’ 100-student campaign and the three things he’s hearing high school students say they need from school

18:15 The importance of Black and Brown children learning how to hack their education

27:30 The three values that inform Charles’ own work and that he teaches his students to adopt

37:00 Explaining “Be an Energy Convertor/Do Work”

41:00 Running down the food that powers Charles’ day

46:00 Discussing involvement with and

1:00:00 Referencing the Office of African American Male Achievement’s work (AAMA)

1:13:00 Asks for creators to get in touch (bloggers, videographers, podcasters)

1:16:30 Brief observations about his work supporting Black teachers in OUSD and his involvement in teacher contract negotiations with OUSD and Teach For America

1:23 Sharing his definition of success

1:30 Start of the Five Questions

Other References

*Claire Shorall, Computer Science Educator (and upcoming GR Project guest)

*National Equity Project web site and LaShawn Routé Chatmon's bio

*Regina Jackson, East Oakland Youth Development Center President

*Leroy Gaines, Principal, Acorn Woodland Elementary School

*Ashley Martin, Principal, Hoover Elementary School