Claire Shorall

Claire Shorall, Manager, Computer Science, works on implementing a district-wide vision to ensure Oakland Unified School District's students receive high quality CS education. She supports curricular and teacher professional development and partners with public, private, and nonprofit entities to expand work-based learning and extracurricular opportunities. Prior to leading CS for the district, Shorall taught Biology, Calculus, and Computer Science at Castlemont High School, where she still maintains one AP Computer Science Principles course. In 2015, she was one of 10 national recipients of the Teach For America Excellence in Teaching Award.

In this episode, Claire goes into great detail regarding how she's contributed to creating one of the most successful and widest reaching public school computer science programs serving children of color.  Claire speaks to how, as a religious studies major, she came to computer science in the first place, the importance of continuing to teach while also working in the central office and how she leads and follows as a white woman in a position of power.  Of course, she also answers our five questions, highlighting yet another incredibly inspiring story about one of the Oakland Unified School District's students.

Show Notes

2:40 Claire's origin story and the East Oakland School of the Arts

5:35 Claire's waning relationship with track, and how she would destroy your GR Project Hosts in a race

7:45 Getting started with Computer Science (CS) at Castlemont HS

10:45 Getting started at Rice University and not speaking the language

12:00 Started AP Computer Science A course with TEALS

14:00 Taking on leadership as a new teacher and working with a team to get CS started

16:00 OUSD's pre-2014 history with CS stretching back 20+ years

17:00 Props to Eugene Lemon, now at The Hidden Genius Project 

20:30 AP CS participation, The Level the Playing Field Institute, & their Path Not Found report

24:40 Claire gets profiled by Popular Mechanics magazine 

30:00 CS becomes a district priority and how Claire keeps teaching as a way to support her team

45:00 >80% of OUSD 9th graders in CS, and CS vs. Coding

52:00 "CS is for people like me" and Claire's CS Dream

1:10:00 Power and Identity

1:21:00 The Science of Innovation and integration across disciplines

1:26:00 Diversity & Inclusion (or not) in Tech

1:42:00 Elon & Ray

1:51:30 Start of the Five Questions

Other References