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Dr. Susie Wise is the founder of the K12 Lab Network at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (a.k.a. the at Stanford). She founded the K12 Lab in 2007 to investigate the role that design thinking could play in the education sector. This work helped catalyze a national movement to use design thinking as an approach to project-based learning and a toolkit for ed sector innovation. Since 2012 she has led the team to create innovative personal and professional development experiences for teachers, school leaders, and “edu innovators” that help them build their creative confidence and make experiments happen. Recent programs include School Retool, a fellowship for school leaders, now operating in 18 cities, and the Shadow A Student Challenge, launched in 2016 with more than 3500 school leaders participating. Here in Oakland, Susie is also a co-founder of Urban Montessori Charter School.

Susie covers Design Thinking, how she connected her own powerful projects while growing up and in school to her work as an adult supporting school teams to realize their own agency in designing the world around them, and supporting students to do so, as well. Susie also calls out some promising “weaving” work, as she put it, as she seeks to play a role here in Oakland starting this Fall connecting and aligning more organizations towards a powerful vision that doesn’t just tinker around the edges when it comes to education design and re-design. Susie also shares how her personal mother-daughter relationship plays out as she supports her child to design with intention. 

Show Notes

04:00 — Dr. Wise comes to The Town!

10:00 — The Exploratorium Intrigues lays out a Life’s work

20:00 — High School

22:00 — Defining Innovation

28:00 — Class Design Thinking and Responding Further

35:00 — Shadowing a Student

37:30 — Tensions of Design and Risk Aversion

45:00 — Mindsets that support the Work

53:10 — Advice for getting more folks Involved in Deeper Learning

1:03:00 — Where are Oakland’s Big Wins in EDU Innovation?

1:24:00 — The City and Design across Oakland

1:27:30 — Susie’s Deepest Learning

1:31:45 — Dinner at the Wise-Bradshaw's

1:38:30 — Starting a School????

1:44:45 — The Five-ish Questions

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